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Dear Travel Organiser

For those keen to explore, Møgeltønder is a great place to visit. To name but a few possibilities, the area in and around the town boasts the discovery site of the two golden horns of Gallehus, the ruin at Trøjborg and of course, Schackenborg Palace. Not far away is the merchant town ofTønder, renowned for being Denmark’s most beautiful Christmas village, as well as being a busy market town. Just south of the border lies many other places of interest worth paying a visit.
Møgeltønder is situated in an extraordinary part of the countryside, where geese and starlings gather to rest. In the spring and autumn geese stop off in their thousands in the marshes to feed and gather their strength.
The area’s main attraction is the ”Black Sun” – an occurrence in which starlings nearing a million in number, flock together in the sky before settling in for the night in the marsh reeds. It is simply one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons, where the birds fly in formation and paint the sky black for a moment, then scatter themselves as they turn in for the night in the reeds. The flocks can reach speeds of up to 65km/h. You have to experience this at least once in your life.
There are many other outdoor experiences to be had. Seal safaris, horseback riding and oyster dredging, to name but a few. To appreciate nature at its best on any of these excursions, it is recommended that you team up with one of the area’s experienced guides. They know the area, the history, interesting local stories and maybe most importantly of all, nature’s rhythm – they know how to keep the experiences alive a long time after your return. Schakenborg Slotskro would be more than willing to put you in touch with the local guides to set up an excursion.

Møgeltonder is known for having Northern Europe’s most beautiful village street with its idyllic cobblestones, traditional street lamps, listed buildings and a stunning church of great historical interest. Here you will find a handful of determined local craftsmen, shopkeepers, farm shops and small restaurants.
Last but not least we have Schackenborg Palace, which is the region’s most popular attraction. His Royal Highness Prince Joachim’s residence from 1998 to 2014 , the palace is a modern agricultural property of almost 1000 hectares of mixed woodland, livestock production and arable farming. By pre-booking you can take a guided tour of the village, church or the beautiful palace gardens.

Other excursions include Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark with its impressive church and cosy cobblestoned streets, Esbjerg and Kolding with its shopping streets and centres, Rømø with its wide beaches, the German island of Sylt known for its exclusivity and reachable from both the mainland and Rømø – and while yo are here why not combine it with shopping in Germany?
So to all you travel organisers, turn your trip into the perfect experience – book in good time and visit His Royal Highness Prince Joachim’s Slotskro. You will be most warmly welcomed, whether it is for a light lunch, a cup of coffee, evening meal or a good nights sleep, come and enjoy in style with your guests.

Schackenborg Slotskro…..worth a trip!