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Schack Menu

Lumpfish roe with sour cream and dill DKK 159,-
Dap fish with cabbage and fumé DKK 139,-
Veal "jaw" with celery and red onions  DKK 139,-
Lamb from Nørrehede with artichoke, rams and lamb gravy DKK 249,-
Selection of local cheese with crisp and pickled DKK 99,-
Yoghurt with apple and mazarin DKK 109,-
6 courses DKK 599,-
5 courses DKK 529,-
4 courses DKK 459,-
3 courses DKK 399,-
2 courses DKK 329,-

Schack Experience

Snacks, champagne, 6 course dinner incl. winemenu, coffee and sweets DKK 999,-

Slotskro Menu

Beetroot marinated salmon filet with cottage cheese and green herbs DKK 139,-
Pork tenderloin with truffle and parsnips DKK 208,-
Creme Brullé with muscovado ice and crisps DKK 99,-

Other dishes

Beauf from Irish Hereford with peppersauce and fried vegetables DKK 279,-
Panfried redfish with saffron risotto and rieslind foam DKK 199,-
Veal brisket with potato puré and seet/sour horseradish DKK 169,-
Subject to change.