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Hering plate with garnish. DKK 145,-
Luxury "shooting star" with fried and steamed fishfilet, shrimps and salmon filet. DKK 199,-
Homesmoked salmon filet with smoked cheese and radish. DKK 129,-
Today´s warm soup. DKK 99,-
Omelet with bacon, potato and onion. DKK 109,-
Confit de Canard with fried apple and salads. DKK 139,-
Tartar from Hereford filet with emulsion, pickled and herbs. DKK 155,-
(yolk + 5,-)
Lunch menu - chef´s choise
2 course. DKK 238,-
3 course. DKK 299,-
For cheese/dessert, please see dinner menu-card.